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If you are one of those gamers who love to playthe dice game, then gear up for the latest trendy hi-tech online dice roller games and unleash a new level for gaming. We all know that dice games have a long history. According to the gaming sources, many of the ancient people have evolved many variations of playing dice. They use knucklebones for making dice and use them to predict future or upcoming events. With the evolution of human civilization, the purpose along with the manufacturing style of the dice game has transformed.

Dice games

Evolution of Dice Games

The dice games earlier are the make of bone, ivory, rock crystal or marble and other minerals. That is the case , if we take about Greece and Rome. In Mesopotamia, the pyramidal dice were used to play the royal games of dice. Today, online dice roller games have taken a modern version of dice. Where the dice is made of thermoset or cellulose-based plastic and that is shaped like a cube. Every side of it are having different number of spot counts. There are many board games, whether it is a Monopoly or Yahtzee, you need to employ dice in some context. However, there is one company that is attempting to bring the gaming arena into the 21st century by bringing up a combination of cutting –edge technology.

GoDice- The Kickstarter campaign

In November 2019, the developers if Particula launched a Kickstarter campaign for GoDice- which is a set of connected dice and according to the company it transforms the screens into a fun and social “board” game. This Google dice game comprises of each dice having internal sensors that supposedly ensures the accurate orientation measurements.

Yatzy vs Classic Poker Dice Games

Online dice roller game immediately syncs to an app that has a variety of mobile games, this includes games from Yatzy to Classic Poker Dice games. It performs the complex RPG calculations so that players do not need to do the math themselves. According to the developers at Particula, Go, Dice, helps the players to make a smart move by providing tips and tricks on which dice they should keep, which dice to throw and how can you increase their chances of winning.

More about the Google dice Game campaign

As of January, the company’s Kickstarter campaign for the Dice games has exceeded its yearly goal that means GODice is only one step closer to become reality for those who are in love with playing dice games. The project has received around 4,000 backers and Particula is hoping to roll the product by September 2020 according to its campaign notes. So, the online dice roller game addiction is taking the next level altogether, you just need to stay tuned for the latest updates for the games related to the dice game, whether it is all-time favorite classic or the latest trendy Yatzy games.

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