April 3, 2020

Privacy Policy

This document on Privacy Policy contains all the information to those users who visit this website and want to know how their information, especially, ‘Personally Identifiable Information-(PII)’ is being used at https://antimcafee.com/. The user’s information who visits this website is collected for the purpose of identification. We may also collect it for contacting him and locate him. Read this information carefully to understand how their information is collected, used or protected by us.

What information do we collect?

The users visiting this website are required to provide certain information. They need to do so in order to access the support services provided by us. We may collect your basic details such as name, phone number, email address, etc. We may also collect the data that is related to the product that is at fault. These details are collected to improvise user-experience and provide them with better solutions.

When do we collect information from the users?

The information is collected at the time when you fill the registration form available on our website. You need to fill out this form in order to avail of our services to access our services. When you use the Live Chat window, your information is collected at that time as well.

How do we use the data provided by you?

At anti McAfee, we may use the data provided by users while making a purchase or at the time of registration. You are also required to do so for subscribing to our newsletter. Your information is also used whenever you give your response to a survey or alike. We may use your information for the following:

  • For providing enhanced user-experience
  • In order to provide better solutions to your queries

How do we protect users’ information?

  • We do not make use of vulnerability scanning and/or scanning to Payment Card Industry standards.
  • We also do not ask for credit card numbers from the users.
  • Our website is only meant to provide informational articles, posts, and blogs.
  • We regularly scan our website for malware.

Do we use ‘cookies’?

We do use cookies for undergoing several operations but first, you should know what are cookies. Cookies are tiny files that are transferred to your system’s hard drive in order to gain some information. Website owners use these because it lets them remember your interests. Based on this, certain advertisements are displayed to you.

Why do we use cookies?

  • They help us in getting to know users’ interests. Based on it, we save their preferences and show them the desired result whenever they visit anti McAfee next time.
  • Cookies also allow us to gather the combined info of the users. This may include website traffic as well as interactions.

At times, our website may take the help of third parties in order to collect users’ data. But, if you do mot find it apt, you may turn off the cookies whenever you want. But, turning off cookies isn’t recommended because doing so may not allow us to deliver a good experience.

Disclosure to third-party

We do not disclose, sell, trade, or otherwise transfer share Personally Identifiable Information to the other parties.

Information about third-party link

In case you find the third-party links or products on our website one should note that that has their respective policies. Clicking on them will be your sole responsibility.

COPRA (Children Online Privacy Protection Act)

Anybody under the age of 13 who wishes to seek our services, should involve his parents in it. This is done in accordance with the rules created by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Users are suggested to go through this privacy policy thoroughly before they take any action from this website.

Disclaimer** We are not McAfee and we completely disclaim the ownership of facts, logos, images, etc. that are related to McAfee in any way. Moreover, the information used on https://antimcafee.com/ might resemble the official website of McAfee, but it has been shared just for informational and training purposes only. You may come across third-party links on our website but if you click on them or take any other action from their website, you will be held responsible for it. Therefore, you must go through their privacy policy separately. Here, we also disclaim any relationship with McAfee and its subsidiaries. So, if you take any action through anti McAfee, it will be your concern as well as responsibility.